Geisha Restaurant Review

While in Amsterdam I looked up escorts and I found myself a beautiful escort and she took me to the lovely Geisha restaurant that is unique for two reasons….. one being the chef’s menu that allows you to enjoy a taste of everything the chef offers and its cocktails, which are made right next door at the sister bar Porem. You can start with a mix of sushi such as the tuna and salmon sashimi, a rainbow roll and a tasty regular roll. Geisha don’t serve a large range of sushi, however, the chef changes up what he or she serves, but you can expect a couple of rolls plus a few delicious pieces of sashimi. Then next you may want the seafood soup that was slightly spicy, slightly sour and yet very good. It comes with a few mussels, shrimps and vegetables, but the honestly the best part is the broth itself. Then moving along to the third and final course where is made up of two dishes ….one being a beef tenderloin that is seared and served raw and very tender, with an umami-rich sauce that is slightly sweet and slightly citric as well. The other dish was a delicious sea bass, with its skin crispy and a sticky soy sauce and spring onions for garnish. This experience provides an excellent balance of textures as well as tastes all in one exciting dish. The service at Geisha is top notch, making it a great option to take a date or friends from out of town.

Please go try at experience some of the great flavors found at this awesome restaurant and enjoy some very good cocktails as well and while you’re there check for the most elegant escorts in Amsterdam.