Athenaeum Boekhandel

As one would expect to find in the hippest magazines to the most cerebral journals, this veteran hometown book chain’s is packed and sets the standards for A Spui flagship and equally sets a mighty high bar with its world-class newsstand of epic proportions. Inside, you will find endless nooks and crannies that literally heave with literary, design, and science.— what I’m saying is it’s meaning that, for sheer breadth, it’s quite hard to beat. The books come in all languages, plus I might add that the English, Dutch, and French sections are particularly rich. On the magazine front pages, they had the too-cool-for-school lifestyle mags like the Paris-based travel icon *Holiday* tucked in alongside the latest indie ‘zines—a nod to the chain’s punkier Style early days. There’s literally something for everyone here and well worth a visit when you come to Amsterdam. Be sure to check this place out.