Amsterdam Brothels

So let’s say since, about last September, notices suddenly have started to appear in many of the windows of Amsterdam’s famous brothels. The flyers are there to help advise what would be potential customers of the doos and the don’ts that constitute appropriate behavior once they’re inside of the brothels. In this particular practice, this is a well-intentioned piece of information. In reality, it’s actually something nobody is ever going to read to be quite honest. In fact, given the Flyers’ size, the effects of a customer’s courage, and the other distractions in and around the window area, it’s pretty unlikely anyone would even really notice them. Which might be an issue for those of you who’ve never paid for sex before and your life but maybe want to do so on your next trip to Amsterdam, or the Bunny Ranch in Nevada, or even Cologne, without coming across as both an amateur and an idiot. So I would suggest that you might possibly take the time to glance over it if for nothing else a good laugh or two because most of it is common sense unless of course, you’re a blithering moron.